MaxinAI Becomes one of the first Salesforce Consulting Partners in Georgia

Business partnership is when the parties agree to cooperate on a mutual goal. It serves as an important tool for companies to pool resources and accelerate their growth. This is the exact reason why MaxinAI decided to become a Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Having this status is not an easy achievement and requires the fulfillment of many requirements, however before we get to that, let’s quickly get to know the companies a little more closely.

MaxinAI is a Georgian AI development company tackling projects on a global scale and solving real-world business problems with innovative AI solutions. Its team is made up of staff formerly employed by world-leading companies such as TripAdvisor, Zalando, etc.

With the help of MaxinAI services, companies in more than 5 countries have been able to predict energy consumption 24 hours in advance, automate data extraction, authenticate people’s identities, ensure food regulatory compliance, and much more.

As for Salesforce, it is an American software company that provides the world’s number one customer relationship management platform. With the help of Salesforce, every department in the company, including marketing, sales, IT, etc., has a single, shared view of each customer.

Saleforce offers companies partnership programs if they meet certain qualification criteria, which Maxinai achieved based on their industry experience, successfully completed projects, and number of certified consultants.

MaxinAI’s mission is to accelerate global economic growth through digitization and custom software development services powered by AI. Partnering with Salesforce is an important step toward achieving that mission.

Thanks to official Salesforce partner status, MaxinAI will help companies achieve their goals by guiding them through the Salesforce implementation process, data integration, and customization. 

MaxinAI is proud to receive this recognition from the Salesforce and appreciates being able to expand its service offerings by taking advantage of such innovative tools.

From now on, any company that wants to implement Salefroce to better connect with potential clients, improve relationships with business partners and provide the best experience to their customers, can contact MaxinAI’s Certified Salesforce Consultant for making Saleforce integration as seamless and smooth as possible.